Tree corps will now hire people to plant trees in low-income neighbourhoods in America

Non-profit American Forests and TAZO Tea have teamed up to create TAZO Tree Corps. It is a paid, locally hired workforce that will increase and maintain trees in lower-income urban areas.

They are starting in parts of Minneapolis, Detroit, Richmond, the Bronx, and San Francisco in the spring of 2021. As we all know trees play an important part in our planet and have tons of benefits for both humans and the earth. Trees can help to filter the air and prevent flooding, a few trees together on and around a street can cool down asphalt and the air. This also helps reduce energy demands for air conditioning and heating, saving people $7.8 billion nationwide annually to be exact, thereby saving energy and reducing emissions.

However, there are barely any trees in low income areas with housing compared to high income areas. Thanks to TAZO Tree Corps’ they are looking to change that.

“We are building a national movement to ensure that every neighborhood can experience the healing power of trees while also helping create green jobs that benefit people in socioeconomically disadvantaged communities,” said Jad Daley, CEO and President of American Forests in a statement.

“The TAZO Tree Corps will help us turn this work into new economic opportunity for people from disproportionately impacted communities,” said Sarah Anderson, American Forests’ Director of Career Pathways.

To join TAZO Tree Corps, which is a paid position, apply here.

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