The UK Government pledges £79 million to support children’s mental health

New research from the NHS has found that one in six young people have a mental health problem, an increase from one in nine in 2017. After this research was learned, £79 million has been pledged by the UK government to boost the mental health of young people.

These funds will go toward increasing mental health support teams in schools and colleges from 59 to 400, by April 2023 – predicted to enable support for nearly 3 million children. Kids will be able to text their local mental health support team where a health professional will respond within an hour during school hours. The teams will also offer advice to families and support staff within schools and colleges with training and workshops.

In a statement, Minister for Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Nadine Dorries said, “This has been an exceptionally difficult year, especially for our children and young people, and we know it is having a real impact on mental health.

“This additional funding will mean children who need to can access services in the community, as well as providing early intervention in schools.

“I am committed to supporting everyone’s mental health and wellbeing, and doing everything we can to ensure young people who need help, get help.”

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