The UK announces program to monitor the world’s oceans in order to protect wildlife

The UK announced its mission to fund a worldwide effort to monitor wildlife in the open oceans so that we can more accurately grasp which aquatic populations are endangered.

The plan is to deploy small action cameras, complete with bait, to the depth of approximately 30 feet beneath the ocean’s surface. They hope for the project to cover four oceans and the Caribbean in waters near ten of the UK’s overseas territories. With these cameras, they also hope to gain a better understanding of what wildlife exists out there, and how it’s being affected by human activity.

The technology has the means to measure populations over time to see if they’re stable and if populations are unexpectedly rising or drastically falling.

This project is being undertaken as part of an international effort known as 30×30, which aims to protect 30 percent of the planet’s land and water by 2030. According to conservationists, we must strive to meet this goal for the survival of our species.

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