Thanks to new pollinator strategy bee populations are recovering in Dutch cities

In Dutch cities, bee hotels, bee stops and a honey highway are being used to keep urban bee populations steady. 11,000 volunteers took part in the annual survey, which appeared to show an increase in bee numbers in urban areas.

Koos Biesmeijer, head of Naturalis, a biodiversity charity behind the survey, told Positive News those efforts appear to be paying off. “We think numbers are increasing in cities and that’s because of awareness among people,” adding that many urbanites had made efforts to attract bees. 

The volunteers all counted more than 200,000 bees and hoverflies. Vincent Kalkman, entomologist at Naturalis, one of the organisations behind the census said: “An average of 18 to 20 bees and hoverflies were recorded in each garden during the count. These numbers have remained steady over the years, indicating that there is no strong decline in urban gardens.”

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