Teen wins PlayStation 5 in raffle then gifts it to his 10-year-old neighbour battling brain cancer

10-year-old Sonny Boyd was recovering from a recent surgery and leg injury when he was surprised by his neighbour, 16-year-old Angel Ortero, with a PlayStation 5.

Angel and his mother recently won the console through a raffle however, instead of keeping it for himself, Angel decided he wanted to gift it to Sonny.

“Me being a 16-year-old kid I was just excited to play it, but I thought [about Sonny and his] happiness being at such a young age and what he’s been gone through,” Ortero said.

“I just think all the materialistic things aren’t important as the smile I could put on his face,” Angel added.

Angel ended up getting a gift back from Sonny’s mother. She insisted he take some money for the PS5 so Angel decided to use it to give back to more children.

“I wanted that gift to be from me to Sonny. So I took the money, bought as many toys as I could [and] I will be donating them to my grandmom,” Angel said.

“I’m just keeping in mind all the hard things going around, the pandemic, all the struggles people are going through, and if I could use my blessings and spread it with others just means the most to me,” the teen said.

Angel’s grandmother is a pastor and will be sending the gifts to underprivileged kids in the Dominican Republic.

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