Soccer club in Philadelphia will become the first with a zero-landfill stadium

The Philadelphia Union soccer team's Subaru Park stadium is about to get a huge green makeover thanks to a new initiative that aims to divert 100 percent of the waste generated during matches away from landfills.

The stadium produced more than 570,000 pounds of waste in 2019, of which just 40,000 pounds were recycled while the rest went to landfills. The team plans to become the first in the country to have a zero-landfill stadium by the end of this year’s Major League Soccer season. To reach this goal by the end of 2021, they are changing the kinds of containers they give out to fans, as well as its waste stream to increase the potential for recycling.

Subaru and the Philadelphia Union will work together with recycling partners and with each on-site vendor, including local Philly favourites like Chickie’s and Pete’s, Chank’s Pizza Cones, and Philly Pretzel Factory to phase out non-recyclable items, such as plastic film. Furthermore, they will also ensure that the items they give out to guests are as recyclable as possible.

New waste bins will also be installed that will separate the waste into three different streams, the partnership will also educate fans, via new signs, videos, and messaging, to help them dispose of trash correctly.

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