Robert Downey Jr launches new venture fund to invest in sustainable tech

Robert Downey Jr who is best known from his role as 'Iron Man’ launched the FootPrint Coalition, an organization dedicated to using high-tech innovations to tackle environmental problems.

Now it is announced that he will launch the FootPrint Coalition Ventures, a series of rolling venture capital funds focused on sustainable technology. The FootPrint Coalition Ventures will invest money in sustainability-focused companies, create educational content around the environment and make charitable donations to non-profits.

He said in an Instagram post, “I love our planet, but it’s got problems — we all know it. We need new solutions… I’m seeing crazy, amazing new tech products that can restore the environment, and we are at the precipice of the sustainable technology renaissance with A.I., robotics, computational biology, creating amazing new materials, foods, products, sources of energy.”

The fund is expected to raise more than $80 million a year and will encourage private companies to understand the key role play in tackling sustainability issues. He hopes the investments will attract more attention to enviro-tech solutions and lead to their widespread implementation.

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