Report shows that Indigenous resistance helped slash emissions

Indigenous-led resistance to fossil fuel projects in North America has prevented emissions equivalent to 400 coal-fired power plants from entering the atmosphere in the last decade.

That’s according to a joint report by the Indigenous Environmental Network and Oil Change International, a non-profit that promotes green energy. It analysed the impact that Indigenous resistance had on proposed fossil fuel projects in the US and Canada, highlighting 20 that have been cancelled or delayed following protests from Native American groups.

Combined, the shelved projects would have belched out the equivalent of 25 per cent of the US and Canada’s annual emissions, the report’s authors estimated. Their findings are welcome news after it was revealed that a record number of environmental activists were killed in 2020.

“Indigenous communities resisting oil, gas, and coal projects across their territory are demonstrating true climate leadership,” said Kyle Gracey of Oil Change International. “Respecting and honouring the wisdom and sovereignty of Indigenous peoples is a key solution to the climate crisis.”

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