Non-profit has built 283 different play spaces using almost entirely painted tires

Anthill Creations, a non-profit run by Pooja Rai, has so far built 283 different play spaces using tires. The play spaces feature large tire sculptures of cars, buildings, or animals, paired with more classic elements of swings, seesaws, and jungle gyms.

It is all built with discarded tires that are collected, cleaned, and inspected for anything that might pose a threat to the kids. Next they are painted, and drilled with holes once or twice to ensure rainwater doesn’t collect inside.

“We live in a world where play, such an essential part of growing up, is now viewed as a luxury and even thought of as unnecessary,” Rai told the Christian Science Monitor.

800 people have volunteered over time to help build these playgrounds. They are made not only in schools but in parks and refugee camps.

“It has been a really gratifying and joyful experience to be part of Anthill Creations and to bring smiles and play to thousands of kids,” said Vikas Keshri, a volunteer.

“We often forget how vulnerable these growing years can be,” Rai told CSM. “The right to play should be considered critical to a child’s cognitive growth, physical, and emotional well-being—we believe that it is indeed a basic human right.”

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