New York City is now going to start electrifying its garbage truck fleet

New York City Department of Sanitation have retrofitted 12 of their garbage trucks with hybrid-electric motors and batteries from Canadian company Effenco.

Effenco uses ultracapacitors instead of lithium-ion batteries. Their electrical delivery reduces their capacity to store energy, meaning the trucks will have shorter range, but ultracapacitors have much longer lifespans than lithium-ion batteries and can discharge millions of times without wearing down. The technology actually shows reduced energy consumption by 30% compared to if the vehicles were fully electric and had to sit on the mains all night.

Mayor Bill de Blasio signed an executive order to make a fully electric municipal fleet by 2040, and has already ordered 14 brand-new trucks outfitted with Effenco’s ultracapacitors to join the 12 already retrofitted ones.

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