New Tokyo café has robot waiters controlled remotely by disabled workers

One of Tokyo's latest cafés is run by robots. Dawn Avatar Robot Café features real robots waiting on customers and serving food and drink. By doing this the café is creating more job opportunities for disabled workers.

The robots are operated remotely using the internet, serving as avatars for people who can’t leave the house for long periods of time due to physical disabilities, childcare or for other reasons. The innovative café is the latest venture of Ory Laboratory Inc, a Japanese robotics company working to create an accessible society.

Company co-founder and CEO Kentaro Yoshifuji got the idea to design remote-controlled robot avatars after his own experience of being bed-ridden in hospital for the greater part of three years.

The OriHime-D robots, as they’re called, are 120cm tall and equipped with a camera, microphone and speaker to allow them to ‘speak’ and receive orders as they move around a space.

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