Soultalk-Humpback Whale

Humpback whales in Alaska flourish due to the absence of cruise ships

Humpback whales in Alaska have been flourishing and enjoying the peace and quiet due to the lack of cruise ships. Researchers say that the reduction in noise caused by cruise ships has resulted in many lasting positive changes in whale’s social lives.

Since the pandemic started, according to National Park Service biologist Christine Gabriel, humpback whales are now starting to express themselves to each other. Now that there are fewer cruise ships intruding on the whales’ natural habitats, researchers have witnessed them spreading out and communicating more frequently and expressively. Mother whales have also been giving their calves freedom to explore.

Not only this but thanks to the peace and quiet biologists have been able to study marine life undisturbed. Researchers from the University of Alaska and other institutions have been able to traverse the coast and observe whale behaviour.

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