Honda aims for 100% electric car sales and zero emissions by 2040

Honda has announced plans to reach 100 percent electric car sales in North America by 2040 as part of their goal of "zero environmental impact."

Honda will also launch a series of next generation electric vehicles based on a new e:Architecture (a completely new EV platform) between 2025 and 2030. The company is aiming for the additional goal of 100 percent electric automobile sales in Japan by 2030 (including hybrid vehicles). The new plans are a key part of the company’s overall renewed commitment to advancing both environmental and safety technology in the coming years.

Honda President and Representative Director Toshihiro Mibe, “My hope is to hear people saying, ‘we are glad Honda exists,’ or ‘Honda will definitely do it.’ Honda wants to continue to be a company that people want to exist. That is what we want to achieve,” 

The company is also striving for zero auto and motorcycle collision fatalities involving Honda products by 2050.

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