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Gray wolf pups have been born in Colorado for first time in 80 years

For the first time since the 1940s, the US state of Colorado has recorded its first litter of grey wolf pups. Grey wolves almost became extinct in the US, but thanks to reintroduction programmes they are making a comeback.

Colorado voters last year approved a ballot measure to have wolves reintroduced to public land by the end of 2023. Jared Polis, the state governor, said that planned reintroductions would mean the “pups will have plenty of potential mates when they grow up to start their own families”.

A Colorado Parks and Wildlife biologist and district wildlife manager each confirmed the litter of at least three wolf pups with their parents, two adult wolves. More are believed to be on their way since wolf litters have usually four to six pups.

“We are continuing to actively monitor this den site while exercising extreme caution so as not to inadvertently jeopardize the potential survival of these pups,” Libbie Miller, state wildlife biologist, said in a statement. “Our hope is that we will eventually have photos to document this momentous occasion in Colorado’s incredible and diverse wildlife history, but not bothering them remains a paramount concern.”

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