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Dog lifeguards rescue 14 struggling swimmers in Italy

In Italy, an elite squad of 300 specially trained dogs have successfully been keeping people safe by working as lifeguards. The dog lifeguards recently rescued 14 bathers struggling in high wind and waves at sea, near a beach between Naples and Rome.

On Sunday, the dogs helped rescue a group of people who got in trouble 330 feet off the shore of Sperlonga. The group included eight children between the ages of six and 12 who were struggling to get back to the shore after their inflatables, dinghies, and surf equipment started to fail in strong wind and waves.

Three dogs, named Eros, Mya, and Mira, successfully brought the group to shore in about 15 minutes. According to Roberto Gasbarri, who is responsible for the centre-south department of Italian rescue dog school SICS, dogs are “fundamental” in Italy’s lifeguard rescues, especially when it comes to rescuing multiple people since big groups would be too much for just a couple of lifeguards to handle.

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