Delaware State University cancels more than $730,000 in student debt

Going to university costs a LOT of money and due to the recent pandemic its made it even more difficult for students to pay of their loans. Because of this, Delaware State University (DSU) will cancel over $730,000 in student loan debt.

Over 220 students from DSU, which is a historically Black public university, will qualify for an average of $3,276 each. The money for the expenses will be provided through the American Rescue Plan, a massive relief package passed earlier this spring, to help graduates with debt. They have also tried to make college more affordable by stopping to increase the tuition fee six years ago, as well as provide incoming students with an iPad or MacBook.

“Too many graduates across the country will leave their schools burdened by debt, making it difficult for them to rent an apartment, cover moving costs, or otherwise prepare for their new careers or graduate school,” said Antonio Boyle, DSU’s Vice President for strategic enrollment management. “While we know our efforts won’t help with all of their obligations, we all felt it was essential to do our part.”

“Our students don’t just come here for a quality college experience,” said Tony Allen, President at Delaware State University. “Most are trying to change the economic trajectory of their lives for themselves, their families, and their communities. Our responsibility is to do everything we can to put them on the path.”

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