Burly bikers come to court to help kids feel safe as they face those who hurt them

A group of bikers, called the Bikers Against Child Abuse organisation, come together to help encourage children to speak up against their abusers.

The purpose of this biker club is to keep kids safe and ensure kids are confident in court against their abusers. It was started over 20 years ago by John Paul Lily, who is simply known within BACA as “Chief.” BACA members start off by riding out for a formal meeting with each kid that decides to become part of BACA.

The child is even presented with their own biker jacket and a BACA patch sewn into the back that lets all others know they are a member of the club that looks out for eachother.

In court, kids can be intimidated against adults. It can be traumatic and confusing standing up against an abuser, and can often trigger kids to relive their most horrific moments, resulting in being unable to speak up without fear. That’s why John started BACA, to help boost the child’s confidence to get them to speak up and feel safe.

The BACA motto says: “No child deserves to live in fear.”

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