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Bulgaria has welcomed the reintroduction of Griffon vultures

Bulgaria’s Griffon vultures, which were presumed extinct in the country in the 1970s, are now making a stable recovery thanks to conservation and reintroduction efforts. The country now has a stable breeding population of 80 vultures.

The griffon vulture was once widely distributed across Bulgaria. However, largely due to the decreasing availability of food, habitat loss, persecution and poisoning they were thought to have disappeared completely.

A team has been importing captive and rescued vultures from other countries to Bulgaria to stabilize the local population for years now. The first fledging was born in 2016 and since then, 30 chicks have been released into the wild. The researchers believe their high numbers mean they will be able to survive independently in the near future. 

Picture by: Staffan Widstrand / Rewilding Europe

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