Boss of financial company is making the 3 day weekend permanent due to high productivity

Financial company BWD, based in Leeds, first trialled shorter hours during a pilot project in January and said everything went up, including productivity and workplace satisfaction.

Over the three month period, they saw “remarkable” increases in performance across the board. All of the firm’s internal metrics increased by 26% in the 90-day period. It said overall, staff felt happier and more motivated – and the outcome was higher productivity. James Walker, managing director of BWD, said the extra day off is known internally as ‘My Day”.

“We didn’t take the decision to trial the move back in January lightly. But we trusted our employees and over the last three months the company has seen the fruits of that,” he said.

“Our employees have completely embraced ‘My Day’ and it’s been great to hear what they’ve been getting up to – from 50-mile bike rides and fishing trips, to spending more quality time with their families.”

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