A new invention provides light and drinking water at almost no cost

The Lexus Design Award 2021 has announced the finalists for this year and one of the most promising designs is Henry Glogau’s skylight that uses free sources of energy to light homes at night and distil seawater into safe drinking water.

This solution is no-cost and completely sustainable. The Solar Desalination Skylight works by evaporating seawater through the energy of the sun. During the day, seawater is fed through a pipe into the bowl-shaped skylight where solar power is used to distil the salty seawater. It has a tap at the base of it to extract drinking water.

When it goes dark, the residual brine left from the water purification process is used to generate an electrical charge to power the light. In Antofagasta, Chile, this incredible invention is already being used as the design is affordable, practical, and takes advantage of free and clean energy sources.

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